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Welcome to Newmoon Pools

Newmoon pools are an emerging brand in swimming pool installation as well as maintenance in the state of Qatar. For over 7 years, Newmoon, has been Qatar's answer to affordable, dependable and professional quality oriented services. We specialize in customization as well as personalization in the installation of swimming pools, to offer unique features, competitive rates, and the most comprehensive service in the area.

On a hot summer day, it will be a pleasure to spend some time in your swimming pool with an ever memorable experience with your family or friends, in a relaxation mood or in an exercise appetite; we offer you a comprehensive package, in harmony with the rhythm of your mind....Your conceptions on perfections.

We steps in to the pool in association with Moothedan Pools, where we have been focusing on developing better technologies by international technical partnerships.

Basic Features

In-situ Permanent active casing panels which makes the construction of swimming pool easy and fast so that the completion time can be even within 35 days on excavation to finish basis.

The revolutionary Compact Filtration System which provides crystalline pure water up to 5 microns. (The most ideal option for small and medium size pools)

The Reinforced PVC Liner which provides perfect waterproofing combined with aesthetics and long life (10 years guarantee against water leakage).

The innovative modern techniques have changed the face of swimming pool Industry by eliminating,

  • Plant Room and Pump Room
  • Balancing Tank
  • Complicated Plumbing lines

These technologies also eliminate common problems faced by traditional pool, such as water leakage due to cracks in the structure, and maintenance issues raised by buried piping for water filtration. By virtue of our specialization in this commitment, the client is guaranteed as always with a Quality and Professionalism in terms of execution and finishing.

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